Unblocking the Metaverse Future

The metaverse is here to be visited, developed, and utilized. Invite people to gather in the metaverse, the technology is here and it’s here to stay.

Virtual Living Redefined

What can you do in the Web3Met metaverse


Buy Digital Land

Web3Met will have digital plots of land up for sale. Channel your inner digital realtor. Owning a digital land means you can customize your space and even rent it out for events. It’s gonna be a big busy town!


Trade NFTs in the Metaverse

In Web3Met you can buy, own, and sell your NFT land property. Build your shop in the seller’s marketplace or build your own store within your digital space. The choice is yours!


Promote Your Business

Whether you’re an NFT artist or a blockchain project founder, you can always enter Web3Met to meet and tap digital citizens. Simply register on our sellers' platform and be ready to do business virtually.

Your go-to world in the Metaverse

Build Your Metaverse one block at a time

Browse around and watch a new community unfold


W3M Purchase on ICO

Within the Web3Met world,W3M tokens will reign as the native token. With this token, the community can own and build the world that they want in the metaverse!

Additionally get 10% Crypto rewards for those you refer

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About us

Why choose WEB3MET


Web3Met is an entirely virtual world bustling with events and trade. Host events or shop NFTs at the local digital marketplace. It’s going to be a busy world around here. Web3Met will be the go-to metaverse for NFT trading, digital space leasing for exhibitions and other digital meetups.

Perfect Your Space in a Metaverse

Now is the time to build the shop of your dreams! In Web3Met, you can own digital lands and set up your own business. Sounds fun right?

Blockchain Land

Lease or use your land for events, it’s totally up to you!

The W3M Token

The W3M token will be the native digital currency of the Web3Met metaverse. All transactions ranging from buying digital land, trading NFT items, to booking event space will be using the W3M token. W3M will fuel the activities within this digital city!

Web3Met Web3Met

Road map

The use of crypto-currencies has become more widespread, and they are now increasingly accepted as a legitimate for transactions.

Token Presale

  • 20% of the total allocation will be up for sale

Exchange Listing

  • We’re listing W3M in about 10 trusted exchanges

Staking Platform Release

  • W3M will launch a staking platform where users can earn 5x rewards

Sellers Platform

  • Launch our seller’s platform where users can built their metaverse stores

NFT Marketplace

  • Launch the NFT Marketplace

  • Website version 2.0 Launch


Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept token payments.


Refer a Friend and Be Rewarded!

Congratulations! You’re here early.
It means you have the opportunity to not only buy W3M for cheap but also to earn tokens via referrals!



Get to know the Technology behind our W3M token in our offical whitepaper


Frequently Asked Question

What is Web3Met?

Web3Met is a metaverse project aiming to be a bustling online world where people can trade, sell, and even host events.

What is the total market supply of W3M tokens?

The total supply is 100 billion W3M

In which network is Web3Met going to be built?

Web3Met Utility Token is deployed as MultiChain Token, where its deployed in both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Network. We have plans to build our own blockchain for the metaverse coming out soon.

Where is Web3Met based?

Web3Met is a remote company with a team all over the world

Do you have a community?

Yes, we do and we are still growing them on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Reddit, Youtube, Linkedin and Twitter.

Contact Us

We are always open to answer all your questions which you have for our team. If you wish to get in touch with our representatives please fill out the form below.